Buddies is now based in the environmental classroom

Buddies breakfast and after school club is now based in the environmental classroom next to the school garden. There will be easy access from George Street, facilities for disabled parents to park and bigger and greener play space for the children. The grassed area around the new Buddies will be fenced off from the staff car park and gated. Extra toilet facilities have been provided. Buddies will have a mobile phone for parents to contact staff.

The new number will be; 07970 704158

The number will only be answered from 8.00am to 9.00am and 3.15pm to 5.45pm from September 4th 2017.

Mrs L and N Humphries will be moving to fulltime posts in Butterflies as soon as a new Buddies Manager has been recruited and session times and prices will remain the same and payments should be made in advance via Parentpay.

Please note that from September 2017 day care from 8.50am to 3.20pm can only be booked and paid for via Brook Butterflies pre-school. Mrs L and N Humphries will be in charge of daycare. Provision will be in the early years unit/Butterfly rooms as now.

If you have any questions about childcare please direct them to Mrs L and N Humphries or Ms Beddall in the first instance.

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