Remote Learning

At Brook Primary School, we are fully committed to providing quality opportunities for the children to work remotely from home. We have invested in a number of online learning platforms to help support and enhance the education of your children; with your support, we can ensure that the education of the children is not disrupted in the event of a further lockdown or a class having to self isolate. We are constantly reviewing the way in which we provide home learning and will continue to adapt and change it to ensure it is being used most effectively. 


The Remote Learning Curriculum

Please click on the link below to see our Remote Learning Curriculum - Information for parents/ carers. This document contains answers to the questions you may have regarding remote learning at Brook Primary School.

Remote Learning Policy

Please click on the link below to see our updated Remote Learning policy.

Increased Data Allowances

Under a new government backed scheme, some mobile phone providers are increasing their data allowances for their customers, to help assist with home learning.

Click on the link below to see if your provider is offering a data upgrade.

Seven ways to help your child with home learning

Please click on the link below to see some useful tips on how to support your child with their home learning. Please remember, the best home learning is a balance of digital/ online activities with written work in books or on paper. 


Google Classroom

All children have been set up with an account on Google classroom. Through this platform, they will be able to access work directly from their class teacher, upload their answers and receive feedback. There is also the facility for children to ask for help from their teacher if they are finding a piece of work difficult. In the event of a lockdown or self isolation, this is where the children will be directed to their daily work.


* Please note, you will no longer be able to access Google classroom through RM unify

Click on the link below to access the Google Classroom

Accessing Google Classroom through Xbox or Playstation

Did you realise that you can access Google Classroom through a games console? As long as your console is connected to the internet you can access the classroom in much the same way as using a regular laptop or tablet. You can also use a USB keyboard to make it easier but this is not essential.


1. Go to My Games and Apps

2. Select Apps

3. Open Microsoft Edge

4. Type in the address:

5. Now just log on using your usual log in details



1. Open your browser (www icon) 

2. Type in the address

3. Log on using your usual details


All children in key stage 2 (years 3 to 6) have been set up with a Century account. This is a powerful online educational platform which will provide personalised learning to the children. Children can work through the programme at their own pace, completing tasks set at their individual level. Maths and English work is available through Century with instant feedback sent to the child and the class teacher.



TTRockstars has proved to be very popular with children and parents alike. It enables children to practise their timestables and improve their speed and fluency whilst earning legendary rock status! This is available to all children in key stage 2.


Spelling Shed

Spelling shed is an online program where children can practise their spellings and spelling patterns.


Why not take a look at the school league table to see how many points each class has achieved in the last seven days. 


Numbots is an online platform for children in key stage 1. It helps them practise basic number bonds and calculations, building speed and fluency in a fun way.