Reading at Brook

We fully appreciate the importance of reading, and particularly reading for pleasure.

At Brook, we strive to:

* Listen to each child read at least once a week

* Teach explicit reading skills for at least 30 minutes each day

* Provide our children with engaging reading material (This year we have invested over £3000 in new books!)

* Provide access to an extensive school library

* Provide comfortable and inviting reading areas for children


We follow the Ruth Miskin phonics programme which is a comprehensive scheme which underpins a clear phonetic journey through children's early reading.

We are committed to providing positive reading role models and creating a nurturing reading community.
Below, on this page, you will find links to our recommended reading lists for each year group and advice on how to support your children with reading at home.

Open University Reading for Pleasure Project

As part of our committment to developing a positive reading culture, we are working with the Open University on a research based project to create communities of readers. The website link below is well worth a visit, with tips for parents and fun activities for chidlren. 


Book Chat - Tips for listening to your child read at home

Please click on the links below for some fantastic resources about developing Book Chat with your children. If you would like to discuss these or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at school.

In the video below, please find an example of Book Chat. The teacher is reading and discussing a book suitable for ages 5+


In this video of book chat, the teacher is reading and discussing a book suitable for ages 7+

In this video, Professor Teresa Cremin (Open University) is reading and discussing a book suitable for ages 9+

Recommended Reading lists

We often get asked for recommendations for reading books by our children and families. Please click on the links below to see our current lists. We will endeavour to update these lists throughout the year.

We have also included a list of books which which maybe useful when tackling the sensitive issue of mental health.

Brook's Little Book Hotel

With libraries closing down and some children having limited access to books, Little Book Hotels have started to 'pop up' around the Kingswinford and Wordsley area. These are basically book swap shops where chidlren can exchange books that they may no longer need or have already read.

Our book Hotel, is situated in the playground. 

We are gratefully, accepting donations for this project.