Summer Sensory Survival Kit

Along with all the lovely things that summer entails, there are some sensory challenges posed by the change in weather, daylight hours, breaks from school and nursery routines, eating outdoors, travelling and staying in holiday accommodation for many.

This guide is packed with practical tips and suggestions to help those experiencing sensory integration or sensory processing differences better manage the sensory challenges of summer.

Household support fund - help with cost of living during the winter time

This scheme is to help if you are struggling to pay your bills due to the cost of living increases. It is a one off payment made to eligible households in Dudley Borough. To apply, you will need to meet certain criteria and complete an application form.

Who can apply

You can make an application if you live in the Dudley Borough and:

  • You are the only adult in the household and your gross income, including wages and any other income (for example, pensions and all benefits), is less than £35,000 per year and your savings are less than £6000.


  • You are a multi person household (this includes your partner, children or and anyone else that lives with you) and your joint gross income, including wages and any other income (for example pensions and all benefits), are less than £45,000 per year and your savings are less that £6000.

You will also need to tell us why you are struggling to pay your bills. People who are eligible will receive a minimum one off payment of £150.

How to apply

Once you have logged in to apply for the household support fund, you can either search through a drop-down list for Dudley Council or input a 'quick code' to take you directly through to our application form. The code for Dudley's household support Fund is 425BNP.

Online applications can be completed via the link full details are available on the Dudley Council Website

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