Governors and Governing Body Information

Governor's Details 2016-2020

Name Subject Committee Type Appointing Body Business Interest/Relationships with School Staff Term of Office
Ms K Figgitt - Clerk to Govening Body CLK School None TBC
Mr P Simpson (Vice Chair of Governors) Numeracy FPP LAU LA None 23.02.17-22.02.21
Ms S Nicklin TBC SI/AA/SIA/C OBS - None 15.11.17-14.11.21
Ms I Wyld Training Link FPP/AA/C PGV Parents Governor - The Wordsley School 19.12.19-18.12.23
Ms V Tsang TBC TBC TBC School None TBC
Mrs K Poole SEN SI/SIA COO Governing Body None 15.01.16-14.01.19
Mr J Critchton TBC SI/FPP/AA COO School A Director of Education Psychology Service which the school uses. 28.03.18-27.03.22
Vacancy TBC TBC COO School - -
Vacancy TBC TBC PGV Parents - -

Former Appointments

Name Subject Committee Type Appointing Body Business Interests/Relationships with School Staff Term of Office
Mrs J Batty Appraisals/Equal Opportunity FGP(SBC)/PC(Chair)/PD/SD COO Governing Body Supplier of Uniform (Totally Uniform) 16.01.15-20.09.16
Ms L Cartwright - FGP(SBC)/PC/SIP&CESC HDT School None 01.09.05-31.08.17
Mrs E Bloomfield - FGP(SBC)/PC/SIP&CESC COO School None 16.01.15-31.08.17
Mr A Barnard Child Protection/LAC/Literacy/Sports Premium FGP(SBC)/PC/PMC/SD COO Governing Body None 16.01.15-31.08.17
Mrs J Chapman AEN/PSHE/SEND/Pupil Premium SIP&CESC(Chair)/PD/SDA PGV Parents None 13.01.15-31.08.17
Mrs L Benton - - CLK School None 01.09.09-31.08.17
Mr B Whittal - SIP&CESC/PAC COO Governing Body None 16.11.16-17.11.17
Mrs K Lambert - OBS Observer - None 01.12.04-30.11.16
Mrs K Cooke - SI/SIA/C PGV Parents None 10.11.17-20.09.18
Ms J Baker - SI/FPP/AA/SIA/C HDT School None 08.09.17-31.08.19
Mrs C Parkes - AA/SIA/C COO School None 15.11.17-22.01.20
Mr L Bowater Sports Premuim FPP/C STF School None 01.01.16-31.12.19
Mrs L Sahota Child Protection/Children Looked After/Pupil Premium/Computing SI/SIA PGV Parents None 25.01.19-31.08.20
Mrs A Cope Literacy FPP COO Governing Body None 07.10.16-18.03.20



  • FPP - Finance,Personnel and Premises
  • PMC - Performance Management Committee (Heads)
  • SI - School Improvement
  • PAC - Pay Appeals Committee
  • PD - Pupil Discipline
  • SD - Staff Dismissal
  • SDA - Staff Dismissals Appeals
  • PayC - Pay Committee
  • C - Curriculum
  • SIA - Safeguarding, Inclusion and Attendance
  • AA - Attainment and Attendance

Type of Governor

  • HDT – Head Teacher
  • CLK – Clerk
  • COO – Co-Opted
  • LAU – Local Authority
  • OBS – Observer
  • PGV – Parent Governor
  • STF – Staff
  • ASC – Associate

What Governors Do

We contribute to the work of the governing body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school by:

  • setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Who We Are (The Human Bit!)

Brook’s governing body is made up of staff governors, parent governors, LA governors (those appointed by the local authority, ie. the council), co-opted governors, associate governors and staff observers.

We all care deeply about the school, the education and well-being of the children and the professional development and well-being of our staff.

We are all volunteers who give our time to attend training, go to meetings, serve on panels when we are needed and do lots and lots of reading! We come from all walks of life with different professional backgrounds including business, finance, HR and communications, the forces and public service roles. We combine this mix of skills with a shared desire and commitment to work with staff, pupils, parents and the community to make Brook the best school we possibly can.

We have all signed up to the Brook Primary School Governors Code of Conduct:

Our Specific Roles

We are all linked with a year group each, and undertake a class visit at least once a term.

We also play other roles, serving on panels, chairing the governing body itself or chairing or sitting on various committees including finance, personnel, performance management, school improvement and curriculum, pay appeals, pupil discipline, staff dismissal, staff pay and appeals committees.

We also have individual responsibilities for such things as literacy, numeracy, child protection, special educational needs, appraisal and training.

The Kind of Things We Do

The role is extremely varied and you can find a comprehensive list of what we do here:

To give you a flavour of the role, here are a very few examples of the variety of things we do:

  • Approve the implementation of new or updated school policies
  • Approve major financial decisions made within the school
  • Ask challenging questions of school leaders
  • Look at our results data and question how we can improve
  • Hear staff and pupil appeals
  • Listen to and report back on the comments and concerns of pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.

What We Don’t Do

  • Undertake audits
  • Assist in classrooms as a governor (though we may do this as an additional voluntary role)
  • Fundraise
  • Undertake observations of teachers – we are not Ofsted inspectors
  • Undertake the jobs of school staff

The Training We Have

Many of us have brought our own professional qualifications to the role, but between us we have received training in child protection, staff recruitment, British values, head teacher performance management, understanding school data and much more.

What We’ve Been Looking at This Term:

  • We’ve welcome a new parent governor and a new associate governor.
  • We’ve accepted and implemented updated policies including those related to grievances, employment references and complaints.
  • We’ve also agreed for Brook to adopt the UN’s Rights of the Child and be a Rights Respecting School.
  • We’ve expanded our entitlement curriculum with the new GEMS scheme which we hope parents and children will enjoy working on together.

How to Contact Us

You can contact any of us via the school office, but feel free to stop us in the playground and arrange to see us separately if you have something to discuss (though issues to do with individual pupils need to be raised with school staff). We may not be able to help you there and then, but we will report any issues back to the school so that we can work together to help make Brook a better school for everyone.

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