Kids Rule the School

On Thursday 5th June we held 'Kids Rule the School' – an event organised by the School Council where children apply for the different jobs around school.

We had over 200 applications for jobs such as headteacher, deputy headteacher, admin manager, admin assistants, caretaker, teachers in Year 1 and 2, classroom TA's and lunch manager.

The School Council carefully looked through the applications and selected the best ones for the job. It was a really tough decision. The day went incredibly well with all involved working very hard and getting to know a little bit more about the jobs within school. The headteacher and deputy even got to attend an important budget meeting with the school accountant!

Classes also took charge of their own learning for one lesson during the day – everyone had lots of fun with this. Thank you to the staff who let 'the kids' rule the school and to everyone who applied.

by Josh, Y4

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